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This event is an authentic Jamaican BBQ with food from Mr Jerk

HomeWhat’s OnWhat’s On NewsEasterThings to do in Birmingham on Easter Monday bank holiday 2018Looking for ideas for things to do on Easter bank holiday Monday? Here’s our pick of what’s on in BirminghamThere’s a Reggae Caribbean Cookout at St Paul’s Church in St Paul’s Square, Birmingham, from noon to 7pm and it sounds like one great way to warm up and fend off any Siberian chill.This event is an authentic Jamaican BBQ with food from Mr Jerk.It’s described as a chilled out day event where you can expect to eat traditional Jamaican street food such as jerk chicken, jerk pork, goat curry, and rice and peas with vegetarian options too.Vintage reggae, ska, rocksteady and 90s dancehall will provide the soundtrack.There is also the introduction of Gimme a Buss an opportunity for reggae groups and bands to perform in front of the cookout crowd and have their performance shared on the event’s YouTube channel. Selected performances will be shared on VP Records social media sites.You’ll be able to play dominoes and cards, drink rum cocktails, eat good food, listen to reggae music and take in the vibes. Music will be provided by DJ Phil from Killa Riddim and also live acoustic band Antiquity.Read MoreEaster 2018The UK’s biggest gaming festival returns for Easter bank holiday weekend.See your favourite YouTubers, experience Virtual Reality, relive the past in the Retro Zone, and try a new level of gaming in the Tabletop Zone plus lots more.There will be loads of special guests.

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(Large photos by Getty Images/The Associated Press)By

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Gore decision after the 2000 election

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5 and his short shuttle was 4

will meps give a shit if i have nicotine in my system

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