All photos on this website are © C. Lisinski.
All photos were taken on Long Island.
Photos are not posted in the chronological order of which they were taken.

I am an exclusive iStock photographer (since January 2006).
More of my images can be found in my iStock portfolio.
All iStock images are available for download and purchase.
Click here to go to my iStock portofolio. 

When not shooting stock photography or images of Long Island,
I shoot concerts, travel photos, and do graphic design work for various music companies.
Some of my most recent graphic design work can be found here.

I carry a camera with me at all times.
I have done this since I purchased my first Canon Digital Elph about 8 years ago.
I am on now on my 4th or 5th Elph and my first digital Nikon SLR.

I was born and raised in Huntington, NY, on the north shore of Long Island.
My family has lived on Long Island for more than 100 years.
I am a graduate of Walt Whitman High School in South Huntington.

I currently split my time between Long Island, Manhattan, and New Jersey.

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