So, I guess what I am saying is, be honest with yourself on how

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moncler outlet 1 point submitted 1 day agoIn that raid, I died several times waiting for a heal after a raise. Then, when it became clear I wasn getting it I stop to Vercure myself which is inevitably there would be a raid wide AoE go out and I die. I can count on one hand the times where I was healed within a few GCDs. Sometimes, I got lucky and lived long enough to Vercure myself, but so many times I died.Judge based on your healers and Vercure. Two Vercures (GCD Dualcast Vercure) can do a lot of healing.Ramza was always a firm believer in the good in others, unless he attacked first he will always try talking things through. He only ever draws his sword first when he truly believes his opponent is beyond saving.Meanwhile XIV Ramza just threatens the Bangaa for no real reason, we don know how the Bangaa got there but for all we know Alma was probably just at the wrong place at the wrong time so it looked like they were taking her hhostage. But the thing is that even when they explain what they doing there and give up both their weapons and the journal Ramza still refuses to put his sword away, which is something that specifically pointed out.But I bought a Neptunia game once for $40 and was completely shocked by how shit it was. I mean, I never seen a Compile Heart game, I just knew people online loved them. The framerate was like 10 FPS but that mostly because the animations were so amateur. The environments looked awful and the gameplay was extremely mediocre. I didn make it very far before taking it back.The biggest disappointment for me was Resonance of Fate. And I not saying that because it a bad game, it not. I just think it has one of the worst openings of any JRPG. Really beautiful graphics, interesting gameplay system, cool setting. yet where is the story? They give you bits but it feels like they just forgot to make 60% of a proper intro. And the way they teach you the mechanics? I hope you like going through a list of optional tutorials. The whole game was just confusing. I mean, lots of weird illogical things that you couldn assume right away, like how machine gun fire is just chip damage and applies bonus damage when the pistol does the actual damage. What a strange idea. I sure it gets better but I took it back after 4 5 hours. I was really bummed because it looked to cool to me.Another bad one was Infinite Undiscovery. I loved the combat system and the engine the game ran on was really nice for its time, but oh man was the story bad. The main character being stuck in a prison cell and asking the guard for something sweet to eat and getting kicked in the gut is the first line of dialogue. I laughed every time. And the named moves he yells in combat? “CRESCENDO SPIKE!” “DIMINUENDO DIVE!”. he a musician, get it? On second thought maybe I have more fond memories of this game than I thought. 2 points submitted 27 days agoEureka will most likely be dead content after the relic reaches it max potential in the near future. Heaven on High has already been announced as the next deep dungeon which is already mentioned will take on the mantle of palace of the dead and support leveling classes from level 60 and onward.Everyone is already maxed out or just starting in Eureka. After a while if SE doesn take a stance to make some changes to it, it will just die out like what they did with whatever the last one was called with the Emergency Mission BS. Didn even bother doing it and forgot it name. Pretty much the same as Eureka. Majority of players “playing” but afk most of the time for named monsters.But seems like most of the time when comments like these pop up the person pointing out the flaws is both a) correct and b) doing so in a rude or condescending mannerAs an example, I ran O6N for the first time. Read the wiki but the wiki description is kinda lacking and often you need to run it at least once before what you read makes sense with what is actually going on. So, naturally I declare that it was my first time there. Also naturally they just started pulling without explanation. No problem, all the normal content is easy enough to fumble through.Of course, I kept getting myself killed for a variety of reasons. And so someone called me out on my mistakes. That fine, I had stated it was my first time so seems reasonable I need some advice. Except that helpful advice? Phrased in as belittling a way as possible. I still listened to it because I am not a child who gets his feelings hurt when someone uses foul language. But I have no doubt that same “helpful advice” would result in a lot of saltiness with many other players and then they would complain about how they are getting attacked for being “helpful.”In fact, I very rarely ever see someone explain mechanics in a group after that person makes a mistake without it being super belittling and unnecessarily rude.So, I guess what I am saying is, be honest with yourself on how you are phrasing stuff and try to phrase constructive criticism in a way that won be taken as an insult. People are much more likely to take your advice and respond positively if you aren an asshole about it (this actually works in real life too). Maybe instead of asking “what the problem?” which comes off as condescending (maybe not your fault if english is a second language) you could simply state to the party at large “hey guys, make sure to do x when y happens.” Calling individuals out in a PUG almost never goes over well. In a static you expect people to call you out so you can improve. In a PUG you are kinda just fumbling through. While it would be nice if people could act adult enough to take criticism and improve it would also be nice if people could act adult enough to give constructive criticism instead of insulting criticism. 1 point submitted 1 month agoYeah but so often it doesn actually result in anything when you just give general advice, and you can really do that if it role/job advice. One problem is that it hard to hear a tone in writing. So the other person can take it wrong no matter what.I seen so many pf parties break up because they weren willing to say something. Honestly I also spent time with pugs in my static that were having issues and we didn kick, mostly because they seemed super nice on discord, and it hard to be a dick.I don give advice out all the time, because I don really want to get into arguments with random people or kicked by them. But I did it once in potd way back and it was pretty positive. It was still Heavensward so healers hit like wet noodles outside of cleric stance and this healer in potd wasn using it at all, but he was dpsing. I finally told him he should use it, and he wasn sure if he should because a pld at some point had yelled at him and told him to never use it. I guessing he probably fucked up and healed with cleric on, but meh it used to happen to the best of us. He was super grateful for me telling him. moncler outlet

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